LCMS Methanol 4L

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1, 4 l in Glas bottle pre packed


OmniSolv® LC-MS

Preparation Note

Product filtered through a 0.2 μm filter

Analysis Note

Assay (GC)99.9% minColor (APHA)10 maxEvaporation residue1ppm maxFiltered through 0.2 µm filterTo pass testFluorescence as quinine at 254 nm1ppb maxFluorescence as quinine at 365 nm1ppb maxFormClear liquidGradient at 235 nm1mAU maxGradient at 254 nm1mAU maxIdentity (IR-spectrum)ConformsLC/MS Purity (p-nitrophenol)50ppb maxLC/MS Purity (reserpine)50ppb maxMetals, suitable for LC/MSTo pass testTitrable acid0.3µeq/g maxTitrable base0.2µeq/g maxUV Abs. at 210 nm0.3AU maxUV Abs. at 220 nm0.1AU maxUV Abs. at 230 nm0.04AU maxUV Abs. at 240 nm0.03AU maxUV Abs. at 250 nm0.01AU maxUV Abs. at 270 nm0.01AU maxUV Abs. at 400-280 nm0.005AU maxUV Cut-off205nm maxWater (H2O)0.05% max
Evaporation Number: 1.9

MX0486 Sigma Aldrich 4L