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Save Incubator Space with Benchtop Incubating and Incubating Refrigerating Shakers
Incubating Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers offer exceptional temperature uniformity and are designed for a variety of shaking and incubating applications.
  • The exclusive Opti-Flow Forced Ventilation System
  • utilizes twin induction or a single large fan. Air is deflected around & not directly on samples, creating a circular flow of air ensuring uniformity.
  • For repeatable results, the exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system ensures speed accuracy. The Triple Eccentric Drive provides consistent shaking motion throughout the entire speed range.
  • The chambers for the ISHD23HDG and ISHD23CDG units are large enough to hold 2 x 6 L Erlenmeyer flasks with optional clamps and platform.
Motion Orbital, 25 mm
Capacity 50 lb (22.7kg) @ 125 rpm, 10 lb (4.53kg) @ 500 rpm
Temperature Range Ambient +5°C – 65°C