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Innovatively Designed Incubating Orbital Shaker to Heat, Cool and Shake Samples
OHAUS Incubating Cooling Shakers are innovatively designed to incubate samples from 10°C below ambient to 65°C providing accurate and repeatable results. All models feature independent displays with intuitive touchpad controls and include safety features that protect both the user and samples. Sturdy shakers feature triple eccentric drive systems for stable orbital motion with microprocessor-control for reliable shaking action.
  • Designed to provide flexibility in your applications, these shakers are microplate ready - no accessories required, and can easily accommodate modular blocks with the included block adapter.
  • When precision is required, achieve temperature accuracy with the unique temperature calibration feature for sensitive applications. Digital control for reliable and repeatable shaking speed.
  • Innovative temperature system allows for fast, accurate and uniform temperatures you can trust. The unique Peltier design with direct plate-to-sample contact offers precise heating and cooling.
Motion Orbital, 3 mm
Capacity 2 Microplates or 2 Modular Blocks
Temperature Range 10°C below Ambient – 65°C
Speed Range 100 rpm – 1200 rpm