Humidity Standard (65%) (Box of 5) 5x1mL

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These humidity standards from ROTRONIC are supplied in packs of 5 hermetically sealed ampoules of the same humidity level. Each ampoule is labelled with the humidity value and a serial number. The values most commonly used are 35 %rH and 80 %rH. These are used for 2-point calibrations. With the exception of the 0 %rH standard the ampoules contain an unsaturated saline solution. For the 0 % standard we use highly porous ceramic material (a molecular sieve). Each set is supplied with an SCS certificate which guarantees the traceability and accuracy of the humidity standards used for calibration purposes.

* SCS: Swiss Calibration Services

On-site calibration and adjustment of ROTRONIC probes (third-party probes also possible). With the humidity standards, a calibration device and the HW4 software, this can be done easily at a PC. Without the software it is also possible to calibrate and adjust probes with the handheld instrument HP23-A.

• Ampoules contain unsaturated salt solutions
• Inexpensive calibration on site
• Simple and safe use
• Unlimited lifetime
• Practical packs of 5 ampoules of the same humidity value (approx. 0.8 ml per ampoule)

Humidity values
0.5 %RH, 10 %RH, 11 %RH, 20 %RH, 35 %RH, 50 %RH, 60 %RH, 65 %RH, 75 %RH, 80 %RH, 95 %RH